Friday, April 30, 2010

A Day At The Beach

Stella was in a mood, one which surely must’ve been brought on by a steady decline of glucose in her blood. To remedy this, she and Cannes stopped at a Burger Baron in Magmaville. It was a good thing that Fergie and Morty weren’t around at the time. Fergie would’ve called Cannes out for not trying to talk Stella out of eating fast food and then Stella for even insisting on that kind of food to begin with. But who cares, really. It was the closest place to get lunch, and it was about time for Stella to get something to eat and to have what she calls one of her “booster shots.” And let’s face it, if you don’t eat anything with a “booster shot,” you may as well leap from a tall building into rush hour traffic.

So the two of them ordered cheeseburgers, fries, and rasberry flavored ice teas. Just before Stella started to eat, she lifted up her black and white striped t-shirt and injected a syringe full of insulin into the left side of her belly. As she did this, she said to Cannes, “I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m just about ready to pop off and do something really juvenile.”

“Juvenile?!?” Cannes exclaimed. Stella nodded as she pulled the syringe out. “It’s a good thing Fergie’s not with us right now. People see you shooting up at the table, they think you’re a junkie!”

“Let ‘em! Fuck ‘em!!” Stella said through a mouthful of burger. “What do they know about living with the crap?”

“So what kind of juvenile crap do you have in mind?”

“I dunno…” Stella replied as she ate. “Maybe empty my bladder on a limosine or squirt some fake blood on some windows or something. I really don’t know what’s gonna roll from my head down my sleeve. All I know is that I’m about ready to blow sometime soon. Some kinda prank, anyway.”

“Getting bored picking on Nerdermeyer?” Cannes inquired.

“It’s getting too easy picking on him, really. I mean, when does he not deserve it?” Stella was silent for a second or two, and then she added. “I’m hungry, sis.”

“Just keep eating.” Cannes responded, all the while she knew that was Stella was referring to was not necessarily tied to any kind of insulin reaction.

Right about then, Clay, Jarvis, and Kent entered The Burger Baron and saw the Yossarian sisters seated at a booth eating lunch. They turned to each other and Clay said, “Whaddya say, guys? Let’s go seduce some women!”

“Yeah, let’s go for it!” Jarvis growled randily.

“Yeah, baby, yeah!!” Kent echoed. He tried to make it sound just like Austin Powers, but instead he sounded like Pee Wee Herman, which made it all the more disturbing. This made Kent seem a little more avant garde, which is why Jarvis and Clay let him hang around. In his own creative and unique way he would make the other two guys seem more desirable in comparison.

They needn’t have bothered bringing him along. The Yossarian sisters would’ve blown off Kent asap. Poor guy…you almost feel sorry for him…almost.

After lunch they all decided to hit Cannibal’s Cove, a clothing optional – mostly nude – beach just 5 miles to the south of Magmaville Beach. It was a fairly secluded spot, a half mile strip of sand along the cove with a few large naturally formed stone monoliths jutting the waves along the shoreline. It was nicknamed The Stonehenge of The Western U.S. for that reason. It almost became a tourist attraction, but then the locals all started hanging out there au natural in an endeavor to lay claim to it. So now it is a tourist attraction of another sort. Nudists from around the world would come lay out and frolic here.

And so it was that Jarvis and Clay took Cannes and Stella to this place. Kent opted out. No room for him in the jeep after all.

The four of them were walking along the waves looking for a good place to set down their beach gear when…

“Madre de Dios!!! Check it out, you guys!!! Two actual queers are fucking over there!!” Jarvis said, his eyes catching some guy’s bare buttocks evidently in motion.

The rest turned to where Jarvis was oggling and Stella just said, “Cool!”

So these two gay guys were up against the wall of this bluff, which was lined with some very ancient skulls that were placed there as a monument to some pre-civilization era. They were facing each other and each guy was standing on his left leg with their right legs wrapped around each other’s hip. Both pairs of hands were all over each other’s bare backs, groping each other’s buttocks. One said to the other, his breath all a tremble with passion, “Aaahh, man that tickles! Oh no!!” Seeing the Yossarian girls strolling along with their boos he exclaimed, “We’ve got company!”

His partner turns around to see, “Wha – Oh yeah, so we do.” He then whispers into the first guy’s ear, “Let’s just continue, and you can watch and tell me how they react to the sight of us.” Then he begins to chuckle fiendishly.

“Bitch!” The ticklish guy chuckled. “You just dick-hungry!”

“I know. I can’t stop.” They’re still going at it.

“Me neither.” But that guy was probably a bit apprehensive at this point. He and his partner had surely been assaulted by gay bashing bigots before. Coitus interruptus was bad enough with or without a beating. But that didn’t happen. The group passed the couple by without any incident…except for…

“Look at them.” The ticklish guy chuckled, relieved that they weren’t gonna be interrupted just yet. “They’re giving us the thumbs up!”

“Carry on, my son!” Clay cheered aloud in a fake english accent, which sounded pretty damned authentic. Just goes to show what spending part of one’s childhood in London can do for a guy.

“I wanna do that, Jarvis! Can we do that?” Stella purred, her arms encircling Jarvis’ chest from behind.

“Hey Jarvis,” Clay intoned. “You think you’d be up for a bit of that?”

“Oh yeah, man!” Jarvis replied sarcastically. “You know me, man, I’m always up for some Indian cuisine (Author’s note: They used to call having sex standing up doing it “Indian style.” Perhaps they still do.)…some hot, spicey curry perhaps.”

So they found a spot and soon Jarvis and Stella were against the bluff imitating the gay guys to the hilt. Cannes had Clay pinned to the beach towel on the sand.

“C’mon baby, it’s just sex.”

At first it bothered Clay that Cannes was no longer a virgin. But then again Cannes was now an experienced lover because of it. And Clay wasn’t all that down for any old crybaby virgin, either. So he acquiesced and soon they were getting it on while some single mother hurried along the shore with her babies in tow…just passing through as quickly as possible.

A little later, the kids headed back to the jeep, passing by the two spent bodies of the gay couple they’d seen earlier. This time they could only see the bottoms of their feet as they were laying out on their beach towels.

At some point Stella realized that she recognized those two guys. One of them was Simon, who was Boris the Bartender’s gay nephew. The other was Kyle, who played Scrooge-as-interpreted-by-Joe-D’allesandro. Simon had replaced Kent as Ondine’s version of Jacob Marley.

She remembered the day she got Simon to replace Kent. Kyle was going to pull a primadonna fit, and adamantly refuse to have anything to do with Kent’s replacement out of loyalty. He really wanted to stump for Kent, but Stella talked him into at least meeting the guy before making any judgment calls.

Simon’s entry was very much like the scene in A Clockwork Orange, when Alex DeLarge was fully conditioned against sex and ultraviolence and was soon to be set free. You could almost hear Wendy Carlos' synthesizer play as he walked into the room wearing an eggshell colored thermal onesie with several chains draped around his shoulders and arms, and a sheer veil of the same color draped over the back of his head. He looked stunning!

“Damn you, Stella!” Kyle exlaimed as he took in the sight of Simon in his Jacob Marley get-up. “You don’t give a bitch a chance, do you!!” Clearly Kyle had falling in love with Simon immediately. Why not? He was cute.

So in the end Kyle gave in and Simon played Ondine-as-Jacob-Marley and became Kyle’s lover very soon. Kent turned on Kyle when he learned that Kyle didn’t fight for him at all. Kent was just such a jerk about it that Kyle ended up being glad that Simon replaced him.

Anyway, Stella wanted to say Hi, so the four of them went over to where Kyle and Simon were laying together and began to applaud and call for an encore performance. The guys sat up, and Simon immediately recognized Stella. “Stella! Thank God! I thought you guys were gonna beat us up!”

The girls laughed at this. “And ruin the best show we’ve seen all day so far? I don’t think so, Simon!” Stella replied.

Jarvis turned to Clay and said, “So my chiquita has gay friends?”

“Sure. Why not? Every girl should have a gay friend…maybe even two.” Clay replied.

Between that lovely walk on the beach at Cannibal’s Cove and the Scrooge parody that Stella directed, Stella was lucky enough to get to watch Simon and Kyle get laid twice. She would’ve loved to join them, but figured that – seeing as both guys were gay – the intrusion of a woman would completely put them both off…killing both their boners as well as her own arousal. How could anyone live with being responsible for an epic sexual faux pas such as that?? The very idea embarrassed her deeply.

So she would console herself by playing her copy of the parody of Andy Warhol’s interpretation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol…aptly retitled “Ebenezers Christmas Package.” On top of the arousal she got from the sight of two guys getting butt-assed naked and screwing, it was also good for a laugh that she made fun of both Charles Dickens and Andy Warhol. In fact, listening to the dialog while she played with herself was easily a thousand times funnier than Jarvis’s attempts to make her laugh and cum at the same time.

Little Joe as Scrooge (as interpreted by Kyle): Aw, c’mon Jacob. Where’s your holiday spirit?

Ondine as Jacob Marley (as interpreted by Simon): Whaddya mean “Holiday Spirit??” Since when have you given a jolly good shit about any Holiday Spirit, man? You don’t even have the courtesy to give me a good reach-around!!! Don’t even patronize me like that, ya asshole!!! You hurt my ass, man!

Now then, let’s talk about two little lovers…

Particularly Simon and Kyle. The two of them were at the Magmaville Community College cafeteria waiting in line for their cheeseburgers as they were getting to know each other better.

“I kissed a girl once,” Kyle confided. “It was…blucchh!”

“Blucchh?!?” Simon was puzzled to hear anyone say that. He had other gay friends who had kissed girls before and most of them said it was just “okay…no big deal.” This one actually was grossed out by the experience. “How bad could it be, really?”

“She tasted like a fucking ashtray, Mary. It made me wanna puke!!” Simon laughed as Kyle continued. “Anyway, what’s your story?”

Well, Simon told the story about how he had sex with Stella Yossarian…or tried to, anyway.
“All that did was remind me that I’m gay. I mean, how else do you explain not being all that aroused by Stella Yossarian??”

It was at that point that Jarvis began to queue up to the burger grill, close enough to hear everything Simon and Kyle were saying.

“That Stella can’t turn you on says a whole lot about you, honey. So how far did you get before you said sorry-honey-I-can’t-do-this?” Kyle asked.

Simon realized that the two of them weren’t exactly in that private an establishment, noting all the eyes and ears that could be turned in their direction by the subject matter, got real close to Kyle’s ear and began whispering all the juicy details…or what there were of them.

“Shut up!!” Kyle said as Simon laughed. “So you went on pleasuring Stella anyway even though you weren’t that into her?”

“Of course I did! What else was I gonna do? Sit around crying about being impotent? Fuck that!!!”

Oh honey, you’re as impotent as a damn volcano!! I mean, c’mon now; how do I know you’re not trying to kill me??” Kyle rambled. “I mean, you could kill Frankie Booth if he ever gave you the time of day.”

Simon was still laughing. The chef put their orders on black plastic carrying trays. Then Simon said as he and Kyle reached for their food, “If Frankie Booth ever gave me that kind of time, I’d be a perfect gentleman…then I’d kill him!”

Now it would go without saying that Jarvis, upon hearing these two queers speak of his chiquita this way, began to implode inside. He didn’t know which was more mortifying; that Stella would consider going out with another guy or that she would consider getting that intimate with a gay guy. Either possibility was enough to sour his attitude…which was rotten enough to put Stella completely off him…especially when he was drunk.

And that was precisely the state he was in by the time he confronted Stella.

“Look, Jarvis, what do you expect from me?” Stella told him off good. “You get so stupid drunk you can’t even see where you’re going half the time. Then I have to apologize to everyone else for your drunken antics. And by the end of the night you’re too drunk to be any good in bed! And don’t even get me started about all your whining about hangovers!”

“Chiquita, por favor!! Ees eet my fault if I get hangovers, man?”

“Yes, it is your fault…because you’d rather get drunk than screw, y’asshole!!!” Stella was rolling. “How would you like it if I did that to you all the time?

“And while we’re on the subject, Jarvis, how long do you think I can stand waiting for you to get your shit together? You think you have the monopoly on horniness just coz you’ve got a dick? Think again, pal! I’d have a better chance getting off on watching two gay guys get it on than I ever would spending any time with your drunk-assed shit…

“I’d love to see you prove me wrong!!” And with that, Stella hung up and turned the ringer off on her phone.

Well! That was a gauntlet being thrown down if ever there was one.

So you can probably guess what kind of effect that little epiphany had on Jarvis. He might not be that quick to part company with the bottle, but he was gonna show Stella that he could get her off better than any other man ever could.

So finally Stella and Jarvis got some alone time.

He had rented a room at the El Cheapo Lodge located on the outskirts of Magmavile. And before very long the two of them were face to face, stripped of all their clothes. Stella took one step towards him and made a reach for his package. She took his cock and balls in her right hand and cradled it gently in her palm, letting him feel the warmth of her hand. He tingled. Her hand was so soft…”

“…so soft, chiquitaahhh!”

Seeing him aroused to what appeared to be the point of desperation only added to the level of desperation in Stella’s own arousal. She continued to cradle his cock in her hand as she spoke. “I’m so sorry I’ve not been faithful to ya…”

She stoked him gently, so gently…

She was so horny she could burst.

“I get so horny somethimes, I hurt so bad for a screw, and I don’t know what I can do about it. Especially when you get drunk and pass out cold. You can’t fuck me when you’re unconscious and out of it.” Then she reached for his right hand and said, “Here!” She guided his fingers directly to her aching snatch and let him caress that spot. She felt swollen, sensitive, and very tender, like she could explode in ecstacy if he touched her just the right way.

He gently stroked her soft, furry cunt. Stella let out a sigh of relief, and felt herself gushing into her snatch. She loved it when her cunt got wet. She sighed and moaned as he ran his fingers through her pubes. He was so good with his fingers it made Stella cry sometimes.

“I’m sorry, chica.” Jarvis intoned as he continued to stroke her. His touch felt so apologetic, and something about that added to Stella’s arousal, just made her loins ache all the more to be penetrated. She wanted him so bad. She kept caressing his penis, feeling it stiffen and swell in her hand. She wanted to feel him move inside her.

She reached down to her snatch to touch it, and as she did, she felt her cunt waters trickling, flooding her. She was so ready…so ready..

“Please, Jarvis, fuck me…” She begged. She was so horny. Her fingers guided that cock of his to her pubes, now all the more swollen and squishy with her ardent lust. He penetrated her so easily and now all he could think of is how that nice, slick, wet, gushy, throbby cunt feels so good on his cock, so good to fuck that wet snatch.

“Poor Chiquita is so hungry. She starves and I feel terrible. I want to fuck her and make her feel better.” He thought.

Meanwhile, Stella let out an Aaaahhh as Jarvis dove in and out of her. She was completely lost in that ache that consumed her groin when she fucked. Oh, how she tingled, and she would stroke her pubes while she straddled her lover. She was practically jumping up and down on his rock hard phallus and frantically running her hands all over his bare ass.

She wriggled and writhed frantically as he continued to thrust inside of her. She wriggled so violently, so desperately, she thought she’d burst any second.

“Fuck me more, baby.” She’d moan as she gyrated. “Fuck me some more..” She ached, she just ached. His thrusts seemed to hold back her orgasm rather than bring her to it. She kinda wanted to hold back her release just to increase the intensity of her urgent desire. Her cunt watered. Jarvis loved that his chiquita got so, so wet for him. It turned him on so much and all he could do is just keep fucking her…just keep fucking…

“Please, just keep fucking me, baby.” Stella begged again as he continued thrusting away. His thrusting felt soo good. She needed to fuck and she needed to cum…

She was so close to flailing about in time to his rhythm and then finally she came. She felt a searing streak blaze through her groin, and she convulsed in time to the orgasmic jolts shooting through her. She squirmed over his cock, her cunt twisted into spasms, the tingling growing more and more intense. She cried Aaaaahh as she gushed and pulsed. She savored every searing aching jolt that rushed through her legs. His thrusts became more and more earnest. She was practically dancing circles around his cock as she came and that was really turning him on.

They both needed this fuck.


Cannes and Clay lay together in bed. They were exhausted…and very horny.

So Clay wondered aloud. “I don’t know whether to fuck or just pass out. Either one would feel so good right about now.”

“Boo…” Cannes asked. “Would you fuck me in my sleep?”

For some reason, Cannes fell in love with the idea of being boffed in her sleep. She loved the idea of being penetrated, his fingers on her pubes, while she slept. She wanted so badly to dream of being ravished in her sleep, to dream that Clay was fucking her.

So she told him, “I want to make believe that I’m asleep and I’m having a dream that you’re fucking me.” Cannes cunt ached as she said this. “I need so badly for you to ravish me in my sleep.” She began stroking her pubes.

“Shall I come in from behind?”

Cannes hips were already bouncing and swaying to the rhythm of her arousal. “Please.” She begged. “What the fuck anyway? It’s spring, and even the bears were speaking french”, she thought.

Clay entered her, and she gushed all over him. The ache made her delirious, her head was spinning, swimming, as his penis must surely be doing right now, she was so wet. “Aaahh, baby!! Aaahhh!” She cried out. Dream or not, she was loving this, his touch, fingers on her nipples, each thrust making her moan and gush and ache and tingle all over. She thought she would lose her mind and go mad with desire. She was loving this and she didn’t want it to stop.

He loved fucking her, loved the way she felt when she got this aroused, He loved how she squirmed at his touch, as he ran his thick fingers in that soft, swollen cleft in her pubes, stroking her clit, making her ache. He loved that she was loving it.

Jarvis was in a mood.

He and Stella were sitting on a park bench, about to munch on some chicken burritos they'd picked up from El Fandango, a local mexican cafe that was really too small for dining in. Before Stella would even begin to touch her meal, she loaded her syringe, preparing to give herself a dose of her medication.

"Damn, Chiquita! I wish you wouldn't do that een public! Eet makes you look like a junkie!"

"Shut up, bitch!" Stella shot back. "It's either this or I drink my weight in water and we stop to pee every other 5 minutes!! How fucking romantic!" With that she jabbed the needle into the left side of her abdomen and plunged the insulin into her body. Jarvis continued to argue as she removed the needle from her side and the foil wrapper from her burrito.

"Man, that's what ticks me off about us. Who's de fucking man around here, anyway? Where I come from, the male gets to be de boss and the woman does what che's told."

"Jarvis, I'm eating. D'ya mind? You shouldn't gross me out while I'm having my lunch. Anyway, I suppose next you'll tell me how you were able to score me that ..." Stella pointed to the giant volcanic plug as she spoke with her mouth full of chicken and rice and pinto beans, "...with a pack of chewing gum!"

"Eyy, chiquita. I didn't make this stuff up."

"Well, whoever laid that trip on you was obviously living in Never-Never Land."

Jarvis rolled his eyes all exasperated. "Me-HIKO City!!!"

"Whatever," Stella took another bite. "That bullshit ain't gonna go with me, fellah! Or have you forgotten what happened the last time you tried to show a woman who's boss?" She was referring to the time Cannes pulled a counter rape on Jarvis when he tried to rape her.

"Oh, ju just love that one, I bet." Jarvis sneered at her.

"Something about the way it ended can only remind me of one of Dr. Benway's anecdotes. Particularly..." She takes another bit of burrito, " his big brag about how he can turn a straight man gay!" She found it hard to talk, chew, and chuckle simultaneously.

"Hokay, 'nuff, Estelle. I'm tired of all dis talk already, man! Y'know, you Yossarian chicks are just too weird, ese!"

"So it didn't turn out the way you thought...big deal! Serves you right for cheating on me with my sister to begin with! You're lucky she didn't have the strap-on with her at the time, soowhee!"

" 'Nuff, Chiquita, por favor!" Jarvis demanded. "Just keep filling up that filthy black hole you call your mouth and not let that insulina go to waste, hokay? What's de point of even argumenting with me anyway?"

"Coz you get off on it, obviously. It gets your hot latin blood boiling and then we have great sex!"

Jarvis began to feel himself lightening up a bit. "Whatever you say, behbeh!"

"Very tasty it is, too."

She wasn't the only one who had read William Burrough's Naked Lunch. "Weel you drop it already?!?"

"I'm talking about my lunch, willya? Sheesh, what a bitch!" Stella loved getting him just a little riled. "So what? You still haven't gotten over that botch-up?"

"Have you no idea, Chiquita, how humiliating that was for me?"

"Duh, of course it was humiliating; that was the point! Every woman who's ever been raped knows your pain!"

"Y'know, Chica..."Jarvis decided to try another tack, "..that book was written by an addict. So you don't mind being lumped in with the junkies just because you used the needle instead of the pump, eh?"

"Why would I mind being associated with a creative genius? Just because he shot up heroin instead of insulin doesn't make it wrong, seing as he was warning us all against junk to begin with."

"Ay, whatever." Jarvis gave up and began eating his own lunch. He'd nail her good laer on once she got her sugar levels balancing out her insulin levels. "I think this needs more chipotle."

Another road trip misadventure…

Clay initated a road trip with the Yossarian Sisters to Los Osos to see a local punk-industrial noise band called The Prism Prisoners. At that time, Jarvis had been arrested for drunkeness in public, so he couldn’t come along for the ride. (Boy, was he pissed, and not just angry, either!) Kent, well…what he didn’t know won’t kill him. It was hard enough for Stella to decide which would be the lessor of two evils; inviting the little twerp along for the trip or being the 3rd wheel. Stella did find Kent kinda cute, but felt his redeeming qualities ended there. Really not worth the wheedling, the passive-aggressive tactics, or the blatant attempts on his part to try to control her.

“There’s always other fish in the sea, Mary!” was what Kyle once put to her.

Anyway, the three of them were in the middle of Mother-Fucking Nowhere, and the nearest town was about 17 miles down the road when…

“Uh-oh…Uhhh-oh!” Stella exclaimed.

Cannes and Clay, both seated in front, looked at each other, and Cannes told Clay, “Pull over!! Now!!!”

“My toes are getting all twitchy and tingly on me.” Stella was calm, but her impulse to panic was growing stronger. She felt her glucose levels plummeting at an alarming rate. So they pulled over, and came to a stop at some random parking lot overlooking the bluff. The ocean was a deep aszure blue and the sunlight sparkled upon the ripples and waves. A truly gorgeous view, but this clearly was not a priority right then. Nor was getting to a rest room, and while all three were okay for the moment, Cannes and/or Clay would need one soon enough.

Clay turned on the emergency lights while Cannes scrambled to the back seat and began to rifle through her sister’s luggage, looking for the diabetes stash. What she found inside the black thermos cooler box was the glucose testing kit, the glucagon injection kit, about 5 Tigers Milk energy bars, and 2 small cartons of grape juice.

But the spike was coming on strong, and by the time Cannes got to work on the glucose meter, Stella had her head in her hands. Cannes frantically went through the motions of loading the lancer and the meter. Before she could reach for a finger, Stella slumped right on top of her.

Clay and Cannes were scared shitless, but continued to work on getting Stella revived. Instinctively Clay grabbed Stella’s glucagon kit and set about loading the syringe. Meanwhile, a click on the finger and a drop of blood later, Cannes read with horror the letters “LO” on the glucose meter.

A sheriff’s patrol car pulled up beside them and a deputy sheriff looked into the open door of the back seat of their station wagon. “What’s going on in there?” The syringe was in the lawman’s full view.

Clay explained. “Please, sir! This woman is a diabetic and she’s having a real bad glucose spike. We just need to give her this shot so that she won’t die.” The deuputy was suspicious, but upon reading the prescription information on the glucagon vial, agreed to let Clay administer the injection.

As he injected the hormone straight into Stella’s right hand side of her torso, the deputy asked, “Do you need an ambulance? I mean this is pretty serious business right here!”

“I think we’ll be fine, but maybe stand by in case something really bad happens.” Cannes figured it would kill off some more of the suspicion if she encouraged the deputy to hang around a little while longer.

Within a minute Stella came to and, blinking her eyes, saw the deputy. “Damn!” She grumbled. “What a time to get pulled over!”

“He’s just making sure we’re okay!” Clay assured her.

“Ma-am, I can get an ambulance.”

“Please, deputy sir, I’d rather not. I just need to eat something. Isn’t there one of those Tiger Bars in there, Cannes-Cannes?”

Cannes saw that the glucagon was thankfully taking effect very quickly, and told the deputy, “Thank you, but I think we’ll be fine.”


“Yes sir, Besides…” Cannes added conspiratorially. “It’s much cheaper and more effective to get her some food than an ambulance.”

“She’s been diabetic for years.” Clay added. “We’ve become quite adept at this.”

Seeing that the situation was in the good and capable hands of 2 very lucid and level-headed young adults, albiet very odd looking ones, though, the deputy offered one last “take care and drive safely” before venturing on his way.

“Ya wanna sit here awhile, Stella?” Clay asked.

“Hey, I’m ready to go when you guys are. I need my damn food, dammit!!! Jeeziz!!” Stella was a trifle anxious but sounded more amused than irritated by the delay. She’d been through enough of the spikes by this time that she can be calm about their onset for the most part.

So with that, Cannes tossed a Tiger’s Milk bar in Stella’s lap and crawled back into the passenger side of the front seat. “It might’ve been that I injected more insulin into myself than I actually needed at the last meal stop.” Stella thought to herself as Clay turned on the ignition and began to pull out of the parking lot.

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